About The Maximus:


Maximus is a custom built 65′ Scotton Sportboat. She is equipped with all the U.S. safety requirements that include 3 life rafts, lifejackets for 50 passengers and a EPIRB. Her bridge is outfitted with 3 VHF radios, single sideband radio, sounder, side scan and multiple chartplotters.

Powered with Twin Cummins mains 450hp ea. and a 30kw Generator. The bait system can hold 1000 Cabbies and a bow tank that can hold 100 cabbies. The (refrigerated seawater) RSW onboard holds your catch firm and fresh. 4 onboard freezers and our vacuum sealing service prepare your catch for your flight home. Maximus Sleeps 10 anglers comfortably with lighting and outlets. Our galley seats 16 anglers. Outside deck speakers and a 50″ flat screen allows anglers to enjoy movies and music underway.105 rod holders allows your group to accommodate your personal tackle. Maximus is proud to offer Accurate Topless 50′s and 30′s loaded with braid and custom Top Shot/Seeker 7’0 rail rods. With all the combinations above she is fully equipped to accommodate 10 anglers from 2-6 day trips.

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Directions to Maximus:

We are located at Paradise Village Marina. The boat is docked directly below the Yacht Club D-1. Cabs and Vans are available outside the airport just past the glass doors. Generally Cabs cost 25-35 dollars and Vans are around 50-60.00. Travel time from the airport to the boat is about 15 minutes.